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Under Cabinet Lights

  • New Upgrading : This under cabinet lights with 56 lamp beads adopt a new design and production process.

  • Infrared Induction, Motion Detection : The PIR sensors on the under cabinet lights detect human motion by sensing the temperature changes within the detection area.

  • Easy To Install : (Built-in magnet)This wireless motion sensor light indoor can stick on any ironwork.

  • USB-C Rechargeable : This under cabinet lights equipped with 2200mAh battery, easily charged via the USB-C cable.


Our Customers Say

when you open this packaging, open both ends. I could not find the charging cable as it did not come out of the box when i opened it from the other end. It is so light that you do not realize there is still stuff in the box.
this light has a slider to move from “off” to “low light” to “bright light” to “on”. Not sure what the purpose of “bright light” is since you’d want it off if its bright anyhow. I am using low light and it seems to work. i temporarily have it in the utility closet and it gives enough light to see and search.
The magnets are not evenly spaced. One is on the end and the other is about 4 inches from the end. There are four plates to mount to your surface and then the light is magnetically attached to the plates. This being said, had a hard time using all 4 plates as they have to be perpendicular to the length of the light to be able to pick up the magnets.
Reminder that this particular light is bright white or cool white. there is no yellow to it.
Chargining is easy.


As I spoiled in the headline, the battery is awesome. Many are 700-800mAh, this one packs in 2200. That results in longer lasting light without fading, and potentially less frequent charging. However, this light has a lot of LEDs and produces more brightness so I’ll have to do some testing to measure how long it lasts as I move it around. Subjectively it seems to last longer than similar size lights I’ve used.
The light has a great diffuser. My dream for this would include a color temperature switch, but this one is really cool daylight, somehow without being blue. Probably good for my closet, but I’d want softer white for being exposed somewhere. And the reflection + diffuser they have going makes just a solid glow that I really enjoy.
The selection switch is exposed but not obnoxious. I don’t imagine needing it often, but it’s nice having it right there and not stabbing at a tiny little switch facing out the end. The switch has 4 modes: off, night, day, and on. Not all lights let you bypass the light sensor, so it’s a great feature to get motion only in the dark or all the time. The switch has nice etched icons for each stop, it’s pretty clear what each does if you ever have to look.
The magnetic mounting is nice, and becoming pretty common. These magnets hold well but pop right off when it’s time to remove the light for charging. The metal bits can be stuck with adhesive but also curiously have a hole in the center that I suppose could work with a very flat screwhead. Go with the adhesive.
The aluminum finish on this light is fantastic. Unlike traditional undercabinet lighting that you never touch, you will be handling this light to recharge it. So it feels nice in hand, and has a quality feel to it that my plastic lights just don’t share.
The price is reasonable for a quality unit with a great battery. One of the better lights in this style I’ve had, ever. I have this in a closet but I’m considering it under the kitchen cabinet instead of puck lights. I think I’ll move it there and try it out, see how long it lasts in a higher traffic place.
good luck with your adventures!


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